About the map

Washington state’s recovery map displays dollars awarded and spent using a symbol or icon that represents how we categorize economic recovery funding in our state. When the map first opens, the total recovery dollars spent in each county is displayed using the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act symbol. The size of the symbol is meant to be proportional to the amount of funding distributed to each county. Symbols representing each recovery funding category are listed across the top of the map. Washington state defines these recovery funding categories as:


An outstanding education from kindergarten through postsecondary school is the cornerstone of success for Washington state’s children and economy. Economic recovery funding in this area includes money to support elementary, secondary and postsecondary education, special education, Head Start, and education for homeless and at-risk children. This category also includes grants for projects in support of the arts and certain higher education research grants.

Energy & Technology

We must create an ample supply of clean energy and encourage technological advancements to support Washington state’s economic competitiveness. Economic recovery funding in this area includes loans for energy projects, home weatherization and electricity grid modernization, and grants promoting technological innovation.


With one of the richest, most diverse and beautiful landscapes in the world, Washington state has an irreplaceable legacy to protect. Economic recovery funding in this area includes grants for environmental clean-up, drinking water, clean water, water reuse and water recycling projects.


A seamless, safe transportation system is of critical importance to the prosperity of Washington state. Economic recovery funding in this area includes highway, railway, airport and bridge awards. Public transportation and transit capital investments make up a small component of the funding.


Our state is committed to helping working families by expanding opportunities for family-wage jobs and by promoting business growth. Economic recovery funding in this area includes employment and training for youth, low-income adults, and seniors, and vocational rehabilitation services for people with disabilities.

Public Safety

The safety of our residents and property is of the utmost importance so that Washington state can continue to build a strong future. Economic recovery funding in this area includes preserving public safety jobs, prevention of violence against women programs, and supporting crime prevention services for local governments.

Health & Human Services

We are committed to providing access to high-quality, affordable health care for our citizens and to caring for our most vulnerable citizens. Economic recovery funding in this area includes programs such as modernization and technology improvements to hospitals and health centers, prevention of communicable diseases, improvements to drinking water, and low-income housing tax credits.

Local Government and Private Sector

This funding is made directly from the federal government to local governments, tribes, non-profits and private companies. Because these entities do not report to the federal government through the state, this data is obtained from reports provided by the federal Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board on recovery.gov.