State agency recovery plans

Requesting early recovery plans from agencies was one of the first ways that Governor Gregoire worked to ensure an unprecedented level of accountability and transparency with Recovery act dollars in Washington state.

Why agency recovery plans?

The Governor wanted to ensure that agencies began thinking very early about what using Recovery funds would mean to them and to their customers. In spring 2009, the Governor’s Economic Recovery Coordinator asked each agency applying for or receiving Recovery Act Funds to submit a recovery plan to the Office of the Governor.

Each agency recovery plan had four sections, that were filled out as applicable for agencies’ specific funding situations:

  1. Strategic alignment: How does the agency’s use, or proposed use, of the Recovery funds align with the Governor’s core principles for Recovery Act funds?

  2. Accountability and transparency: How will the agency manage the Recovery funds and how will they make their Recovery projects and expenditure information available to the public?

  3. Risk management: How will the agency manage the risks associated with achieving their goals related to Recovery Act funds?

  4. Competitive grant information (as applicable): What is the specific information for the competitive grants that the agency is applying for or has been awarded?

These initial plans were used to help inform the Economic Recovery Team’s early efforts in preparing for Recovery funds. The information provided depends on where the agency was in the application and award process at the time the plan was developed, and what type of funding (formula or competitive grant) they anticipated receiving. These plans represent one point in time. Since the plans were first developed, agencies have placed detailed information on their web sites.  Click on the agency name below to find the most current information about that agency’s Recovery funding and projects.

Agriculture, Department of Recovery Plan
Arts Commission (ARTS) Recovery Plan
Commerce Recovery Plan (5 MB)
Early Learning (DEL) Recovery Plan
Ecology (ECY) Recovery Plan
Employment Security Department (ESD) Recovery Plan
General Administration (GA) Recovery Plan
Health (DOH) Recovery Plan
Health Care Authority (HCA) Recovery Plan
Labor and Industries (LNI) Recovery Plan
Military (MIL) Recovery Plan
Natural Resources (DNR) Recovery Plan
Services for the Blind (DSB) Recovery Plan
Social & Health Services (DSHS) Recovery Plan
State Board for Community & Technical Colleges (SBCTC) Recovery Plan
Transportation (DOT) Recovery Plan
Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC) Recovery Plan